BROW REWIND - Frequently Asked Questions

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Before You Begin

Yes. The reason you should patch test a product before you use it is to avoid the potential severity of an allergic reaction. Allergies can cause anything from minor redness to painful swelling or worse. *It is important to note that the FADE cream will cause skin sensitivity until your skin gets used to the product. It should not however cause an allergic reaction.

Anyone who wants to advance the removal of their permanent eyebrows or microblading. Anyone who wishes to fade their permanent eyebrow color.

The best time is as soon as you are fully healed from your last permanent makeup session (8 weeks). BROW REWIND can be used year round.

You can begin using brow rewind as early as 8 weeks after having your eyebrows tattooed.

BROW REWIND products are designed for all skin types. No matter your skin type – dry, oily, combination, normal or sensitive – BROW REWIND will have the right combination of products for color removal. *Those with naturally very dark complexions should be especially careful when applying the FADE cream to only exactly where you wish for pigment lightening. Failure to apply FADE cream to only the area you would like lightened may result in the lightening of other skin.

After 8 weeks your skin is healed enough to begin using Brow Rewind. Keep in mind that the FADE cream can cause sensitivity until your skin becomes used to the product. You can begin by using Brow Rewind every other day and work up to daily use if your skin is still too sensitive from the emergency removal.

Spot test each product before using if you know you are sensitive. If you have a reaction to any of the products we will accept a return and refund (minus S&H). The FADE cream will cause some sensitivity. This is normal. You can start with using FADE every other day to reduce sensitivity but be aware that your results will take longer. As your skin gets used to the product you can use it up to twice per day to accelerate fading.

Product Specifications

BROW REWIND is a 3 part system that includes the following: 1) CORRECT, a scar softening gel that preps the skin for FADE. 2) FADE, a pigment fading cream. 3) REPAIR, an eyebrow skin and hair health, and regrowth serum. Your kit also includes an accuracy brush to be used with your FADE cream and instruction.


Ingredients: water, ethyl hexyl palmitate, petrolatum, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, polydimethylsiloxane, lauric acid/myristic acid/palmitic acid/glyceryl stearate, glyceryl stearate, ammonium polyacrylate, hydrocotyle asiatica extract, butanediol, c13-16 isoalkanes, ammonium lauryl sulfate, phenoxyethanol, laurvI alcohol polyether-30, snail secretion filtrate, aloe extract, ginseng extract, honeysuckle, danshen extract, chloropheniramine.

Ingredients: alpha arbutin, kojic acid, hyaluronic acid, bietilla, white lotus, astractylodes, macrocephalia, water, butylene glycol, glycerin, cetyl alcohol ethyl caproate, hexadecanoic acid ethyl ester, cetyl stearyl glucoside, yamanashi olive oleate, cetyl stearyl alcohol, fruit butter (butyrospermum parkii) fruit fat, stearic acid ethyl ester, polydimethylsiloxane, polyacrylamide, c13-14 isoparaffin, acetyl shell sugar amine, oligopeptide - 1, sodium hyaluronate, phenoxyethanol, xanthan gum, hydroxyl methyl benzene, edta disodium.

Ingredients: ultra concentrate pure vitamin e oil (43,000 IU), d-alpha-tocopherol, ricinus communis (castor) seed oil.

Each product included in BROW REWIND is 15ml. Each kit is enough for over 3 months of daily application. Longer if you aren't heavy handed when applying. BROW REWIND does not need to be applied heavily for results. 

Product Usage

BROW REWIND fades all brands of permanent makeup pigments and inks.

Yes. CORRECT and REPAIR work together to reduce and soften scar tissue.

While you can do this for faster fading, it is recommended to begin with single daily application to check for your skin's sensitivity to FADE. The fading agent is very strong in this kit and can cause skin sensitivity initially. Overuse can become uncomfortable. If you have done days or weeks of BROW REWIND and feel that your skin can handle an additional application per day then you may do so.

This is very important and why we include an applicator brush to ensure precise application. FADE lifts all color and pigment. If applied to untattooed skin you may notice the lighting of your untattooed skin as well.

You can use BROW REWIND for as long as is needed to fade your brows. Not all brow tattoos are equal. Some brows are more saturated and require more rounds of BROW REWIND.

Yes. BROW REWIND is a system. Each product helps the other for maximum fading results.

BROW REWIND can be used on body tattoos however it was optimized for eyebrows only and results are not gauranteed on any area other than the eyebrows.

No. BROW REWIND should never be used to remove permanent eyeliner. The FADE cream could cause a chemical burn if it gets in to your eye. Always immediately rinse your eyes if you suspect the FADE cream has gotten in and seek medical attention if you are feeling discomfort.

BROW REWIND can be used to fade lip color, however it was optimized for eyebrows only. Results are guaranteed for the color fading of eyebrows only. 

BROW REWIND can be used to assist in fainge all permanent makeup pigments and tattoo ink OTHER THAN permanent eyeliner, however, it was optimized for eyebrows only. Results are garaunteed for the color fading of eyebrows only. 

*BROW REWIND products should never be used for the color fading of eyeliner.

The FADE cream may cause temporary skin sensitivity while using. This is normal and will stop after your skin gets used to the strength of the product. Depending on your sensitivity you may notice initial red or pinkness until your skin becomes used to FADE. There are no other side effects other than the removal of color where applied. 

If you find that you are too sensitive to using FADE once per day then using every other day may be best until your skin becomes used to the product.

Yes. This is considered normal and your skin will get used to the FADE cream with further use. If you feel too sensitive we suggest reducing your use of the Fade cream to every other day or every third day. Continue as instructed with the rest of the kit.

Yes. You’re invited to shop our full catalog of products. Please be advised that BROW REWIND is a system and the products are designed to work together. Results are not guaranteed if you are not following the full instructions and using all three products as is outlined in your kit. 

You should use as much product as is needed to thinly cover the area you want to lighten color. You do not need to be heavy handed, only to be sure that you have covered the area. Please remember to apply FADE precisely to the area you wish to lighten only. 

The applicator brush is to help you preciesely apply the FADE cream with accuracy. You want to apply FADE only to the areas you are wanting to lift color. Otherwise FADE may lift the color of the surrounding skin.

You can use any applicator to apply CORRECT and REPAIR. You can even use just your clean fingers if that's easiest for you.

*You only need to be accurate when applying FADE, which is why we have included a brush for you.

Results & Expectations

You will start seeing noticeable fading within 8-12 weeks of BROW REWIND. Take photographs to monitor your progress. You can use BROW REWIND for as long as is needed to fade your brows. Not all brow tattoos are equal and some brows will require more rounds of BROW REWIND. There is no instant fix for removing microblading. It may be possible to remove microblading faster using alternative methods, however these methods come with serious risks and higher costs. BROW REWIND is the safest and most reliable way of removing microblading.

You can expect the continued fading and lightening of color the longer you use BROW REWIND. Full removal is sometimes possible, however it is not guaranteed due to skin damage and scarring that is often caused by the initial tattooing procedure.

If you would like to only lighten or fade some color but not all color, use your BROW REWIND kit for less time. Monitor the fading from week to week until your desired fading is achieved.

Congratulations! Yes, you can. However, we recommend continued use of the REPAIR oil to further correct any damage to your natural eyebrow hair.

No. BROW REWIND will never change the color of your tattoo. It will only fade, lighten and remove the color that is already there.

Yes. BROW REWIND will fade all types of permanent eyebrow makeup and tattooing including the ombre powder brow.

Yes. BROW REWIND will help fade any color as long as you are consistent with your daily applications.

No. BROW REWIND will not change the color of your eyebrow hair. This is one important reason why it is safer and prefered over laser tattoo removal for the removal of eyebrow tattoooing and microblading. 

No. BROW REWIND’s REPAIR oil will actually make your eyebrow hair healthier with daily use. A common side effect of REPAIR is hair growth due to the addition of nutrients that are currently missing.

Yes. This is exactly what BROW REWIND was designed to treat. Daily use will lighten the color for you. Please keep in mind that the color of your brows may temporarily appear brighter, or more red/orange/pink, for sensitive skin types. This is only your skin reacting to the FADE cream and is temporary.

You’ll want to wait 4-6 weeks after finishing BrowRewind to have your permanent makeup redone.

Yes, Brow Rewind lightens Phi pigments.

Precautions & Limitations

No. Open skin is vulnerable to scarring and chemical burns. BROW REWIND is not safe on broken skin. This includes skin that is still scabbed. FADE cream must be applied only to fully healed eyebrows and skin. Once your eyebrows are fully healed 8 weeks after your last procedure, with no scabs, then your BROW REWIND Kit is safe to use.

Yes. While using BROW REWIND, the skin is vulnerable to sun damage. This is why most clients are advised to avoid direct sun exposure after they have begun the permanent makeup removal process. While BROW REWIND is in use, the skin is more susceptible to damage from the sun's UVA and UVB rays, even with the application of sunscreen.

No. BROW REWIND is not safe for use near the eyes. Keep out of the eye area. Contact with the eye will result in a chemical burn. Do not attempt to remove eyeliner with the BROW REWIND kit.

It's recommended that you use BROW REWIND no sooner than 6 weeks after laser removal.

It's recommended that you use BROW REWIND no sooner than 8 weeks after saline removal.

Yes. BROW REWIND is safe to use while pregnant or nursing. Please still go over the ingredients list with your doctor if you are worried aout sensitivity or interactions. 

It is recommended that you stop the use of any physical and chemical exfoliants on the brow area while using BROW REWIND. This includes products such as, but not limited to, retinols and glycolic acids.

Yes, you can. However, a spot test is recommended.

Brow Rewind’s FADE will cause your skin to feel more sensitive while using. If you are prone to "lifting" when having your eyebrows waxed then you will want to wait 3 weeks after finishing before having waxing done. It’s recommended to speak with your wax technician who will be able to offer advice specific to your skin type.

Yes. You may use sunblock on top of BROW REWIND although the FADE cream works best when not combined with any other products. Remember that you should also be avoiding direct sunlight while using FADE.

You may wear makeup on top of BROW REWIND products CORRECT and REPAIR. FADE however works best when not combined with any other products inclusing makeup. 

If you’ve have had another removal method done recently, you'll need to wait until you are fully healed at 8 weeks before beginning BROW REWIND. BROW REWIND's FADE cream can cause sensitivity for some until your skin becomes used to it. If your skin is still healing from your prior removal session then FADE will cause you discomfort. Once fully healed you may use BROW REWIND.

Shipping, Orders, and Returns

Your shipment includes tracking and you can find your tracking information in your shipping email. All kits ship within 1-7 days.

With the purchase of BROW REWIND on, you enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not absolutely delighted with your faded eyebrows, you are welcome to return the kit within 60 days of the purchase date for a complete refund of your purchase price (less return S&H), no questions asked.

To return your products, place the merchandise in a box with your original invoice and send it to us. If you don't have your original invoice, please make sure to include your name and shipping address, as you believe it appeared on the invoice. Please allow 1 to 2 billing cycles from the day you return your package for your account to be credited.

We do not provide return shipping labels.

The 60-day refund policy begins the day of your kit's delivery.

Your BROW REWIND kit will ship within 1-7 days of your purchase. We aim to ship every order as quickly as possible. Some US holidays may cause a delay in shipping by an additional day due to the USPS being closed for deliveries.