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Tattoo Ink Mixer Machine - Electric, Pigment Bottle Mixer & Shaker
Tattoo Ink Mixer Machine - Electric, Pigment Bottle Mixer & Shaker

Add this electric tattoo ink mixer machine to your workstation to mix inks while you work. Fully mixed ink is important before beginning any permanent makeup, tattoo, or professional procedure. Place your ink bottle in your electric shaker and the ink is mixed in seconds.


  • Designed with a rubber, suction cup, base to ensure that the mixer will not sway while working. 
  • This mixer is capable of mixing any liquid. Can be used to blend paint, tattoo ink, nail polish, eyelash glue, adhesive, pigments, and other separated liquids.
  • Commonly used in nail salons, art studios, beauty salons, tattoo shops, other businesses, and at home
  • This shaker can mix most liquids at 2800 RPM so that you'll never have to shake a bottle by hand again.
  • This design includes a rubber top, chemically resistant hard-plastic body, a rubber suction cup base, and a powerful 13V DC brushless motor.
  • Easy to use and simple to operate. Just place the bottle to be mixed on the top of the machine. Hold in place until the desired mixing is complete.
  • Small in size and lightweight making it easy to carry, store and travel with.



  • Size: 11 x 9 cm
  • Rotating speed up to 2800 rpm
  • Order includes 1 pigment mixer and 1 power cord.
  • 30 Day Return Policy