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Digital Brow Measuring Tool - Eyebrow Caliper
Digital Brow Measuring Tool - Eyebrow Caliper

Ensure precise measurements before beginning any permanent makeup procedure with this brow mapping tool.  Lightweight and easy to use with a convenient thumb roll to slide open and close.  Clearly measures in both millimeters and inches.  


  • Digital display to make reading measurements even easier
  • Wide range of measurement so you can use it for all permanent makeup procedures
  • Measures with guaranteed accuracy for symmetrical brows every time
  • Measurements clearly marked along the full length of the caliper to quickly read length and width
  • Reusable and easily sanitizable between clients
  • No longer wonder how to measure eyebrows for microblading

Suggested Use

  • Best used during your pre-draw outlining to check the accuracy of your outline
  • Use also during and after the procedure to review symmetry


  • Made of lightweight plastic
  • Includes 1 caliper
  • Color: Silver
  • Measuring range from 0-150mm (0-6 inches)
  • Measures in centimeters and inches
    • 30 Day Return Policy