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Tattoo Ink Cups & Well Holder - Clear Acrylic
Tattoo Ink Cups & Well Holder - Clear Acrylic

The acrylic pigment cup holder stores up to 6 ink cups for tattooing, varying in size. It has a clean and minimalistic design to keep your workstation looking professional.


  • Holds pigment wells firmly in place preventing product spills and wasted ink
  • Knock proof so when your tray moves your ink wells don't
  • Holds multiple sized cups to meet your procedure needs
  • Made with non-stick acrylic for the quickest cleanup
  • Clean design for a professional tray setup


  • Made out of clear acrylic and black metal
  • Holds 6 cups or ink/pigment wells
  • 1 Acrylic holder for holding  tattoo ink cups
  • 30 Day Return Policy