Digital Rotary M8 Permanent Makeup Machine, Touch-Intelligent - Includes Foot Pedal
Digital Rotary M8 Permanent Makeup Machine, Touch-Intelligent - Includes Foot Pedal

For professionals. This permanent makeup machine is designed to let you work speedily and precisely with a powerful, steady motor and an easy-to-use touch screen. Features such as foot pedal, precision-control pen, and quiet operation help you finish faster and offer a more comfortable experience for your clients.


This machine is compatible with the Precision Digital Permanent Makeup Machine Needle Cartridges

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Power and Precision


Touch Control System with Quick Switch Setting

Easily and quickly switch between the 4 pre-set power modes for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and body line styles.  Simply touch to change between modes. No need to stop mid procedure.

Powerful German Motor

Advanced German motor that's 6 times the power of an ordinary motor for a smooth, and consistent performance. Adjustable speed from 110-180 RPS while maintaining a quiet operation.

Performs All Permanent Makeup Procedures

Eyebrow tattoo machine suited for all permanent makeup procedures including permanent eyebrows, microblading, ombre brows, hair micro-pigmentation, lip color, lip blushing, eyeliner, lash enhancement, areola tattooing, beauty marks, and removal.

Ergonomic Design

An ergonomic pen so you maintain full control and remain comfortable while working for long periods of time. 

Aluminum Alloy Needles

The precision digital machine uses disposable, sterilized, and individually wrapped permanent makeup needles made from aluminum alloy. Included is 15 ct. R1 cartridge needles. Also compatible with R3, R5, and F5 needles.

Your Comes Complete With:

1 Digital Permanent Makeup Machine

1 Machine pen

1 Foot pedal

1 Power adapter

1 USB cord

1 User manual

15 - R1 aluminum alloy needles