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Micro Swab Applicators, Colored - 100 Pack
Micro Swab Applicators, Colored - 100 Pack

Micro swabs are your most universal disposable tool. Use during your appointments to more easily move around your client's eyebrow hair. Also, use during microblading to push your pigment into each hair stroke. Apply your numbing gel more precisely and avoid getting it in your client's eye during permanent eyeliner and eyelash enhancements.


  • Precision tipped for correcting tiny inaccuracies - use with your removal serum to scrub out microblading mistakes
  • Moves hair away and back into place when you need
  • Cottoned micro-tip for accurate product placement


  • Made out of plastic and nylon linter
  • 9″ long
  • 100pcs per package
  • 1 package per order
  • Available in blue, green, yellow, purple, and pink
  • 30 Day Return Policy