Ink Rescue Kit - Emergency At-Home Removal For Tattoos & Permanent Makeup
Ink Rescue Kit - Emergency At-Home Removal For Tattoos & Permanent Makeup

Significantly remove recently tattooed or microbladed pigment (ink), and greatly reduce scar tissue caused by inexperienced artists.

This emergency at home kit must be used

within 5 days (120 hours) for maximum lightening, fading and removal results.


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Fix Bad Permanent Makeup and Tattoos At Home

You've just had your service done and the work is too dark, too large, uneven, or not what you asked for. You need it removed as quickly and safely as possible and without damaging your skin. That's now possible with the Ink Rescue Kit by BeautyNomix. 

The Ink Rescue Serum lifts and significantly fades permanent makeup and regular tattoo ink from your skin. Ink Rescue must be used within 5 days of your permanent makeup or tattooing procedure. The closer to the procedure you use the serum, the more of the color it will lift from your skin. *Used same day as the procedure will result in the complete removal of color. 

How It Works

The Ink Rescue Serum works by absorbing into your recently tattooed or microbladed skin and then healing in with the pigment. Your body will then draw out the serum along with the pigment over the next 1-12 weeks. This results in significant fading and/or removal of color depending on how close to having the procedure done you are able to use the kit. You must allow up to 12 weeks for full fading however results can be seen as early as 1 week.

The Repair Oil reduces the risk of scar tissue often caused by inexperienced artists. Once scar tissue forms it is nearly impossible to get rid of. It is crucial to take preventative scarring measures now to insure your skin returns to its previous, healthy state. 

There's 3 Steps to Follow

Step 1


Apply a generous layer of your Ink Rescue serum to the cleansed area using your applicator brush.

Step 2


Gently wipe away and reapply serum every 3 minutes until time has reached 15 minutes total.

Step 3


Remove serum fully with clean water at 15 minutes. 

*Repeat once per day for 5 days.

After the use of Ink Rescue, allow the area to continue healing using the Repair scar prevention oil included in your kit. 

How To Know If This Product Is Right For you

This product is right for you if...

  • You want to lighten, fade, or remove ink from a permanent makeup or tattooing procedure.

  • You are able to apply the Serum within 5 days of when you had your permanent makeup or tattooing procedure.

  • You need to greatly reduce the risk of skin damage and scarring caused by inexperienced artists.

This product is not right for you if...

  • You are unable to use the kit within 5 days of your permanent makeup or tattooing procedure.

  • You wish to keep the full color of your permanent makeup or tattoo.

  • You expect to see results sooner than 1-12 weeks.

Where Can I Use This Kit?

The Ink Rescue Kit is effective for permanent makeup removal, microblading removal, eyebrow tattoo removal, ombre eyebrow removal, permanent eyeliner removal, permanent lip color removal, lip blushing removal, body tattoo removal and removal of all tattooing procedures.


Permanent Lip Color

Permanent Eyeliner

Body Tattoos

Additional Information

  • This product will not work if it is used more than 5 days, or 120 hours after your permanent makeup or tattooing procedure.
  • Complete removal of ink is possible but not guaranteed however the greatly fading and reduction of pigment is. 
  • You must allow the skin to continue healing as normal after use of the Ink Rescue Kit.
  • Serum may cause stinging while using and it may cause temporary pinkness of the skin.
  • Never rub, pick or scrub the skin area being treated. This will result in scarring. 
  • Due to the need for overnight shipping, this product does not qualify for free shipping.