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Jewel Microblade Tool - Handle W/ Dual Needle Ends, Aluminum, (Set of 5)
Jewel Microblade Tool - Handle W/ Dual Needle Ends, Aluminum, (Set of 5)

The Jewel Microblading Handle can hold needles at both ends which makes it perfect for creating a combination eyebrow. Secure your microblade needle at one end and your tap shading needles at the other to work easily without wasting two handles.


  • Each microblading eyebrow tool has duo ends to easily switch between 2 needle sizes during the same appointment
  • Made of aluminum alloy for a lightweight feel
  • Evenly balanced weight to give you greater control
  • Fits all microblade needles for versatility
  • Blade lock design to keep needles in place
  • The handles are reusable while practicing
  • Disposable for quick cleanup between clients

BeautyNomix Recommendation: If you're practicing your combination eyebrow, (microblading + manual tap shading) then this is the microblade handle for you. You'll work faster and smarter by not having to waste a second microblade handle for one client. Rotating the Jewel Microblading handle in your hand is much quicker, cleaner, and safer than reaching for that second handle.



  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • Each order includes 5 jewel microblading handles
  • Available in pink, white, purple, and blue
Mixed Color (Set of 5)Pink (Set of 5)Blue (Set of 5)Purple (Set of 5)White (Set of 5)
  • 30 Day Return Policy