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Permanent Makeup Ink - Lip Pigment - 15ml
Permanent Makeup Ink - Lip Pigment - 15ml

Rich permanent makeup ink and pigment for lip color, lip liner, and lip blushing.


  • Color particles small for long-lasting color
  • Wide range of colors for every skin undertone
  • Made of plant pigments, no metal content, safe and assured to use.
  • Good penetration, easy absorption into the skin.


  • Order includes one 15ml bottle of pigment
  • Lip colors available in 25 shades
  • BeautyNomix tested

*Permanent makeup pigment is designed to be permanent and is for professional use only.

Orange PMRed Orange PMNajran Red PMRubine PMDark Red PMWine Red PMDeep Rose PMBright Red PMDark Pink PMRed Rose PMCarmine PMPurple Pink PMCrimson PMChinese Red PMJapanese Red PMPurplish Red PMViolet PMLitchi Red PMCherry Red PMCentaurea Pink PMPink PMMagenta PMPurple Red PMScarlet PMRose Red
  • 30 Day Return Policy