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Permanent Eyebrow Pencils - Wax, Waterproof (Box of 12)
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Permanent Eyebrow Pencils - Wax, Waterproof (Box of 12)

Outline and enhance any eyebrow shape with waterproof permanent eyebrow pencils. Wax pencils for outlining eyebrows have become an industry standard.  These pencils are highly pigmented and can be sharpened into a thin edge for making small, precise hair strokes. Use them to create a clean outline that won't easily rinse away while you're working. This pencil comes in five realistic colors to find the perfect shade for your client.



  • Sharpens to a thin edge to create crispt and clean lines
  • Waterproof wax is smudge-resistant so you don't lose your outline when you need it
  • Heavily pigmented for high color contrast between the outline and your client's skin
  • Removes easily when ready with soap and water
  • 5 colors available to match any client

Suggested Use

  • Pre-cleanse the skin with antibacterial soap or alcohol
  • Pull white thread to expose 1/2-1 inch of color
  • Sharpen pencil with a flat and stainless steel razer until it has a thin edge
  • Slowly etch pencil across the skin with a back and forth motion
  • Hold the pencil at a 90-degree angle when using


  • 7″ long pencil
  • Box of 12 wax permanent eyebrow pencils
  • Available in light brown, medium brown, dark brown, black and gray
Black (Box of 12 Pencils)Gray (Box of 12 Pencils)Light Brown (Box of 12 Pencils)Medium Brown (Box of 12 Pencils)Dark Brown (Box of 12 Pencils)
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