Salon Chair - Saddle Seat, Estheticians Chair
Salon Chair - Saddle Seat, Estheticians Chair

The saddle chair was designed with comfort in mind for salon artist use. Your artist makeup studio chair is your most important piece of salon furniture.


  • Estheticians chair holds up to 440lbs
  • Available in black, white, brown, purple, red, and navy
  • Includes 1 salon chair
  • 30 Day Return Policy

Work Comfortably 

Tested by permanent makeup artists and proven to remain comfortable even after long hours.


Waterproof PVC leather

Waterproof surface made of PVC leather prevents fluid absorption keeping it easy to clean and meeting health board standards. 

The PVC leather and saddle shape also provides comfort and allows legs to rest in a comfortable position over long hours.  

Adjustable Height

Height adjusts easily with one hand to meet your needs. Cover the hand pedal with barrier film before each procedure to adjust your chair height without stopping your procedure.

Nylon Wheels

Wheels are made of soft nylon material which will prevent marks on your floors as well as muffle noise when you move around your client. Move quickly around your customer with ease.