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Tattoo Ink Cups Ring Wells - 100 Pack
Tattoo Ink Cups Ring Wells - 100 Pack

Keep your pigment close and on hand with pigment rings. Ring pigment cups (also known as pigment wells) are popular amongst artists because they eliminate the artist's need to continuously reach for their pigment, otherwise set on their work tray. 


  • Flexible band sizing to fit all
  • Keeps pigment close so there's no need to reach between strokes
  • Disposable and single-use to prevent cross-contamination 
  • Tattoo ink cups come in sizes Small and Medium to fit the right amount of pigment for your services

Suggested Use

  • The pigment ring is especially popular amongst microblading artists but can be used for any other permanent makeup services such as eyeliner and lip color.
  • Use 1 per client


  • 100 ink cups for tattooing per order
  • Cup-sized 5 cm
  • One size fits all
  • Made of lightweight, PE plastic
Small (100 pack)Large (100 pack)
  • 30 Day Return Policy